Participation Zone

To participate in this study, you must be a person living with HIV in New Zealand.

We aim to recruit a diverse range of people living with HIV, both men and women, from traditionally marginalised or silenced communities are strongly encouraged to participate, including Māori individuals; ethnic minorities; gay, lesbian, bi, and transgendered people, people engaged in sex work, drug users, and people from other groups who have been historically under-represented in health research.

The interview is a structured 1-hour conversation, designed to be participatory, and conducted by another person living with HIV. All peer interviewers have been trained to conduct interviews in a safe and confidential manner.

As interviews will be conducted by peers, it will be important for all participants to have some choice in who they are interviewed by, for example, people of specific ethnic groups may prefer to be interviewed by someone within of their community.

At the completion of the interview, participants will have the opportunity to discuss issues of concern and can receive support in the form of information on referral services if necessary.
We have now reached our quota of NZ European men interviewed for the study however we still need participation from all other ethnicities, and would especially encourage participation from our Maori tangata whenua.
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